EyeQ is a indie hip-hop artist, visionary, and emcee whose musical sights are set on merging his wide assortment of musical influences and loves into one powerhouse performance. Raised in Brooklyn, NY and now a nationally touring emcee based in Florida. EyeQ has rocked stages with numerous prominent touring acts from all around the country. His “Attack on Titan” themed album Titled “Walls of Maria” was endorsed by Funimation and the official “Attack on Titan” page.


Never to be classified by one specific type of music, EyeQ’s music is rooted in many things. It encompasses Nerdcore because of his love for animation, video games, comic books, and everything within popular culture. It encompasses Soul Music, World, Classical, Old School Hip Hop, and Golden Age Jazz because of his influences abroad. “Being from Brooklyn New York EyeQ has a strong foundation and connection to its Hip Hop and music in its many forms. ” I feel like the creativity of music is limitless and without bounds, I hope to explore all the possibilities throughout my musical journey. I make music from the heart and I have always been attracted to music that makes me feel a passion for Love, Life, and the freedom of expression through music.“

EyeQ is also the previous Co founder of the Nerdcore Super Hip-Hop group ‘RPG-Unit’ and was featured on the front page of Kotaku, Bandcamp, and gained the acclaim of Randy Pitchford, founder of Gearbox, for their debut album Rock Paper Genocide.
EyeQ has performed at events such as Nerdapoalooza, AFO, Florida Music Festival, PAX, SXSW, Magfest, Anime Expo, and Otakon. He is also a two time nominee and 2018 winner of the Orlando Weekly “Best of Orlando” Hip Hop Artist of The Year Award . EyeQ has been influenced by greats like Stevie Wonder and Anita Baker, as well as acts like Lupe Fiasco, Nujabes, Jam Project, and Hiroyuki Sawano. He has also been inspired by the golden age of Jazz and old school hip-hop. With each project, he combines his various loves to influence the outcome of his music. His Brooklyn roots shine through on the radio and live as he exudes an energy and passion in his music that leaves a lasting impression on his audience.